This Clickfunnels review shares why I left Clickfunnels, the bugs and CF support issues that caused me to migrate my site away. this is an important video for any potential click funnels customers.

Why I Left Clickfunnels… And Where I Migrated My Membership Site To:

Now my marketing stack consists of WordPress on Thrive Themes, Thrive Cart, Active Campaign, Active Member 360.

If you want to learn how to setup a funnel in Thrive Themes I created a 10 video series that shows step-by-step how to create a click funnels alternative, which you can find here :

The organization on that playlist is a little rough for those DIY sales funnel videos, so I created a blog post that hosts everything in a easier to follow order

I mention my membership funnel that is doing really well… This is mainly because of the funnel structure itself (not the software that runs the funnel) If you want to know how that is setup in detail, go here:

The idea that you are one funnel away… Or that somehow the sales funnel is the big solution that will save you and your business is completely false. Sales funnels can definitely be helpful but they are simply a tool.

There have been dozens of new sales funnels software’s released this year and I put up a video to help share an analogy to put this sales funnel gold rush into perspective

Whether you build your funnel on click funnels, lead pages, WordPress, or with basic HTML pages the software is an insignificant component.

Your offer, your messaging, the trust you built with your audience is ultimately the key to your success with your sales funnel.

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