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In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up your very OWN working, profit-making funnel in under 30-minutes FOR FREE. By the end of this video, you’ll be able to collect emails, build your business, set up sales pages, custom domains, use clickfunnels, and dominate internet marketing.

PLUS at the end if you stick around I’ll give you a special gift just for watching, the ACTUAL same funnel we build in this video.

This is the kind of video I wish I watched when I was first getting into internet marketing and making money online. I know this video is LOOOONNNNG so I broke it down into a choose your own adventure guide. Have at it!

(4:00) PART I: How Much Money Can I Make?
(5:30) PART II: What IS A Funnel? What Types of Funnels Should I Build?
(10:10) PART III: How do I actually Build a Funnel?
(18:00) PART IV: How Do I sell Things With My Funnel?
(23:51) PART V: How Do I Register A Custom Domain?
(28:19) PART VI: How Do I Get People Into My Funnel?
(30:30) PART VII: What About Email Marketing?
(33:40) PART VIII: How Much Does All of This Cost? // What’s The Best Deal?
(38:15) PART X: Your FREE Tools and How to Steal My Funnels!

▸ Get Your FREE 5 Pre-Built Funnels: http://bit.ly/RTSclickfunnels

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