I’m Sooo Sorry!

The Facebook Shutdown yesterday (3/13/19) was ALL MY FAULT!

You see, I resigned from my job, LIVE on FB on Tuesday night.

Why? Because it was long overdue and I stopped being an idiot. I love the company and the folks I worked with, but my job was literally costing me money!

You see I had started Doug Boughton’s method of prospecting and promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate marketer a month earlier and told him that I needed $2700US bare minimum to be able to focus on this full time.

When I hit my 30th day promoting CF with a very part-time effort, I found myself staring at $2715 in commissions earned. $15 dollars above the threshold I had committed to. Funny how God (the universe if that suits you better) works.

I know now that if I’d said 5k or 10k, I would have been met at that number. I guess I’m still part idiot at least.

I had made a deal with the universe and the universe did its part, and I knew if I didn’t make good, I’d be the beneficiary of some type of terrible happenstance, as I had been at a few junctures in my past.

So I quit and shared that experience live on FB, and it was awesome and terrifying and energizing and holy F**k what did I just do?

Well, the next morning came after a sleepless night and I logged in to Facebook to a rather small amount of notifications, at least relatively speaking to my last month or so.

As is the law of the universe when you commit to something, whatever it is, you almost always are presented with a test to measure the depth of your commitment.

It’s put in your way to see if you are deserving of the reward on the other side. It is put there to either send you running back to comfortable or to strengthen your resolve.

And at that moment, you get to choose.

My test? The entire platform I had used to earn my $2715US in my first month had screeched to a stop, and who knew when it would return to functionality?

(Maybe Zuckerburg and God have each other on speed dial?)

The outage lasted all morning, and my frustrations and fears were growing, and I was questioning my decision, wondering if I could somehow call back my email resignation.

Then, around midday, I got an email reply from my employer, congratulating me for taking the step, thanking me for all my work and telling me that I “always had a home there”.


He gave me an out.

On the very same day when Facebook was giving me an excuse.

At a time in my life when I am actually VERY emotionally fragile.


So.. how would I handle my test? Would I run back to my comfort zone?

Would I stand firm in my resolve???

Would it be more of the same mediocrity to which I had become allergic? Or would I pass on the parachute I’d just been offered and continue my free fall??

Any guesses as to what I did?

Anyway, I have a recording of me resigning, live on Facebook on Tuesday 3/12. It’s long as there are some pretty raw emotional moments for me in the video.

If you want to watch it, I’ll leave a link in the first comment and go ahead and watch it if you are interested, or don’t if you aren’t. I love you either way!

Just be aware that when you finally decide to take flight you are going to be tested, and shaken, and tempted to retreat.

And you get to decide what to do.

Me? I’ll see you from the stage at FHL 2020, being congratulated for earning my dream car. For you non-CFers, that is Funnel Hacking Live, 2020, the annual conference held by Clickfunnels, where they roll out new features and acknowledge the folks who have had success with the Clickfunnels products.

I passed this test, and I will pass every other test that I am presented with.

Don’t have a plan B folks, ’cause all that means is that you haven’t fully committed to Plan A.


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