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ClickFunnels has made some major updates to their affiliate program and I wanted to let everyone know about them!

If you are promoting ClickFunnels then you must know about these changes as it is something that all affiliates will have to aware of if they are going to continue to promote ClickFunnels.

As ClickFunnels continues to grow, currently they are at 70k active members, we as users and affiliates should expect things to continue to change.

There are two changes:

1. They are changing the way they pay out affiliates. They are using a new system that will give out the payments every first of the month and 15th of the month.

This is something that I am not sure I like as I liked the payments every tuesday, but we will see how that works out.

2. Funnel hacks is no longer available. They are now promoting two new webinars for funnel builder secrets.

Essentially, one webinar geared towards women and another towards men it seems.

Not sure how this will change things but we will see in the future.

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