how to promote clickfunnels as a clickfunnels affiliate TAKE IT FOR A FREE TRIAL HERE The simple funnel used to promote ClickFunnels and make affiliate commissions for anyone who wants to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

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In this video guys I’m gonna give you an update on my affiliate journey promoting clickfunnels. in this video you’re gonna see my affiliate dashboard. if you can see right here and you can see that I’ve been paid $1.09 I have $200 pending and they’ve paid me nine hundred and seventy eight dollars. so my payout next Monday is
gonna be thirty eight dollars. so in about I think two a weeks and a half from now. But the cool thing is that this is recurring. so like
this will happen every single month.

I’m still having some trials so you can see here that two people are
trying out click funnels and I have no new trials this week. so if I change the date range from the last 30 days at my quick filter. it’s going to filter out my transactions for the last thirty days. if you’re new to this and you’re not really sure like what this is again click the video because I go over everything. and what this all means so you can see here that I have two new trials and this is for the past
30 days. so currently trying to people and then the monthly recurring revenue will be 161 dollars at this point. but the potential trial is 157. so that will be added. you can see here I’ve been setting people up and you can see here the last sign up or
refer to affiliate was the 10th and today is the 14th so about four days ago. I ran a three hundred and thirty click solo ads and I got about 50% open rate. so I have about 160 ish people new to my line.

This is how to promote click funnels. I can also promote different offers to the downline. now the way that they’re getting on my list
is actually by promoting affiliate kickstart which is my rendition of the affiliate share funnel. Step one which is to get a 14-day free
trial of click funds. so I also added a coaching area so like people know that this is serious.The whole point is that to get people to know that there is someone that is in the corner supporting them.

I’m going to keep promoting this to different solo ad vendors and then just keep growing my list. keep getting people to sign up for clickfunnels and then watch my monthly recurring revenue grow.
so that’s where I’m at right now – it’s actually a profitable way to start promoting an affiliate offer especially if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing. and you don’t really know how to promote clickfunnels. This is something that you can definitely promote today and start making money how to promote clickfunnels funnels as a clickfunnels affiliate TAKE IT FOR A FREE TRIAL HERE


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