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How to make money with Clickfunnels

Best way to get started making commissions as a Clickfunnels affiliate!

I remember when I got my first affiliate marketing commission. It was from telling my client that they need a Clickfunnels account if they want me to help them with lead generation and Facebook ads.

They signed up for the $97/mo plan.
I got paid $38 commission each month.
I had another client decide to sign up for the $997 Clickfunnels bundle. I got paid $400!!!

So on and so forth this repeated…
It was effective but not so scalable. It was still 1-1 sales and I still had to take on CLIENTS and do work for them….
I don’t want to work!!!!!!!!!!

So I made the decision to stop doing client work and just do affiliate marketing the RIGHT way…the SCALABLE way… and be on your way to being a super affiliate!

By driving traffic to my OWN online sales funnel. Driving traffic through organic Facebook & Facebook ads, organic Instagram and Instagram ads, Google SEO, Youtube SEO, and more…

and of course, collecting leads and following up with email marketing.
This is the scalable way to promote any affiliate offer.

You set up the systems and reinvest in testing and what is working.
The sky’s the limit with affiliate marketing.
There are SO many different software and offers you can promote.

This is why I think Clickfunnels is the best affiliate program:
-its such a versatile software– create websites, landing pages, webinars, membership sites, online courses and more!

-TONS of FREE online marketing, affiliate marketing, and funnel building training
-40% MONTHLY recurring commissions
-huge community with a ton of support
-and because you need funnels to do affiliate marketing anyway, so why not promote the software you are using anyway?!

Get Your free trial now —– http://go.ilovebeingunemployed.com/youtube14cf40

How do you get started? I HIGHLY suggest signing up for the FREE & official Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

—– http://go.ilovebeingunemployed.com/cfabcyt40

There is an entire vault of videos on how to make fat commissions by promoting Clickfunnels (you can apply the strategies you learn to promote other affiliate offers too)

Comment below if you have questions and be sure to subscribe to my channel to get more free trainings! https://www.youtube.com/user/rachelsleemarketing/featured

-Rachel S. Lee


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