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Hey guys! As I said in the video, I’m just a college kid trying to figure things out and become financially independent. First I set up a Shopify store and spent months trying to figure out how to make that profitable. After falling on my face over and over again, I decided to look for other options. Then I found the winner that changed everything for me: Clickfunnels affiliate marketing.

Imagine being able to make consistent 40% commissions on monthly subscription fees for anyone you bring into the program. Then, imagine bringing in just one person a day for 100 days. That equates to a minimum of $4,000 extra dollars a month in your pocket at the low end. Keep in mind that any time someone upgrades their account or buys books/courses/software packages/etc. from Clickfunnels later, you also make commission on that too. Then you’ll be in a position to start taking bigger risks on your own business and take it to entirely new levels.

Sold now? 😉

Still not sold?
I don’t blame you. I’m a skeptical person myself, so I understand completely. Feel free to DM my page @boonethreads on either Facebook or Instagram and ask me anything. I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can. I’m just starting my journey too, so it’d be great to help anyone else I can along the way. Best of luck with your journey towards true financial independence.




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