ClickFunnels Review🎉 & Tutorial (+28 FREE Funnels😲)
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You may be asking “What Exactly is ClickFunnels”??

Well, In this Step-by-step Clickfunnels Review and Tutorial I’m going give you an inside look at Clickfunnels and show you how to build your first funnel

My goal is to give you a comprehensive look at what CF can do and give you an HONEST Clickfunnels review

In a nutshell, ClickFunnels is a SAAS by Russell Brunson that allows you to quickly create sales funnels and landing pages.

Russell Brunson is a serial entrepreneur who started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University. His first successful product was a sales funnel for a Potato Gun….i have no idea what that actually is. lol

There are competitors and other options but in my opinion, ClickFunnels is probably the easiest AND fastest way to build a website.

It especially EXCELS as an opt-in page creator.

Hopefully, by the time this video is over, you’ll know the Clickfunnels pricing, you’ll understand what CF is and MOST importantly be able to create your first sales funnel right away!

Pricing wise…well….its A Great Product But Not Cheap😖!

ClickFunnels Pricing:
Clickfunnels has two price models depending on the features of each plan:
✅ Startup – $97/month
✅The Next pricing plan is $297/month, Which is QUITE steep. But by the time you’d need all of those bells and whistles you’ll be able to afford it.
DON’T upgrade to this plan right away if you can’t afford it. You don’t need all that to get started

Soooo….Did my ClickFunnels tutorial get you interested in taking a free 14-day Clickfunnels trial?….It can’t hurt if you’re at all curious about it

I’ll also provide free training and make myself accessible to help you along the way

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(Plugin I Reference In The Video is called ColorZilla btw)

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