ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review for 2018

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In this video I review the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and everything that they have to offer within it. I start out by covering the pay structure and how much the commissions are. I also discuss that their membership is a recurring commission that you receive on a regular monthly basis for the lifetime that they customers stays with Clickfunnels. There are also so many different products to affiliate that it provides all of us affiliates with loads of opportunities for products on the low end and high end and everything in between to be sold through our links. Next I discuss how the sticky cookies work when we have a customer purchase through our links. Basically there is a little strip of code that keeps any customer of ours that buys through our link with us for any other future purchases they may have. Then I discuss how ClickFunnels is a 2 in one product because we are able to use the software to build a sales funnel that promotes the software. There are no other affiliate offers out there that will serve as a double purpose for you like ClickFunnels is able to do for us. Then I talk about the excellent and free affiliate training bootcamp that ClickFunnels offers all of their members for Free that essentially trains you on how to use proper strategies and build proper sales funnels that will convert. Inside this program is not only loads of training, but an opportunity to win your dream car should you hit 100 active members in your affiliate center. I also discuss how the affiliate bootcamp training program also sets you up for retirement in just 100 days if you follow their training and program. ClickFunnels affiliate program also provides amazing and fast responsive customer service for any troubles that you may have when trying to implement your funnels. They also have an amazing group full of ClickFunnels affiliates. In this goup, called ClickFunnels Avengers, there is everything from newbies to pros that are there to offer support and help as well. All in all I give the ClickFunnels affiliate training program a 5 start rating and review due to all the capabilities,opportunities, support, pay, and free training they offer.

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